I must be enjoying myself

They say time flies when you’re enjoying yourself, so that must mean I’ve been having a blast for the last 10 months or so, because that’s how long it’s been since my last post 😜

It’s been a good break, though, because coming back to it now is making me take the opportunity to really think about where I am in terms of RA, life, the universe, everything. And pretty much all of it is positive, I’m pleased to say.

The RA appears to be well under control (I get nervous even saying that in case the gods are indeed Greek and I get zapped for hubris). I have been completely off Pred for 12 months, successfully quit smoking 11 months ago (okay okay, I’ve allowed myself a couple of ‘holiday treat’ smokes, but am relieved to report I got right back to zero per cent smoking immediately), and recently stopped taking my daily Arcoxia (anti-inflammatories).

So all I’m taking now, in terms of meds, are Plaquenil 2x day, Metoject 1x week (injectable), an iron supplement to help with the still overwhelming fatigue and a sage supplement to help with the unbearable hot flushes (totally works, highly recommend it ~ I take Menoforce, which is available from Boots, but I guess any sage tablet should work).

I have been having sacro-iliac joint problems; was in serious, eye-watering pain a few weeks ago, and then this was followed by a twinge-ing back muscle which turned into a full-blown spasm. Saw doc, took painkillers, had MRI (two compressed lumbar discs which is apparently completely normal “for a woman of [my] age”, how rude) and spent a lot of time lying flat on my back… All of which seems to have worked.

So well, in fact, that I have had quite a few occasions recently when I’ve stood up and walked about 10-11 paces without feeling any pain at all! That might not sound like much of an achievement, but anyone who suffers any kind of chronic illness will know what I mean when I say that for those 10-11 paces, I feel like I could run up a mountain, singing for joy, like a demented Maria Von Trapp.

Then by the 12th step, the twinges set in and I can feel my knees start to buckle as pain shoots all the way down from the very core of my bum cheeks (really) down the backs of my legs to my knees, sometimes as far as my ankles. Very effing annoying.

In terms of weight, I’ve actually managed to lose half a stone, mostly by cutting out crisps and reducing my chocolate intake to a normal human-type portion every other day (compared with downing half a giant bar of Cadbury’s fruit & nut without even pausing for breath).

It has occurred to me ~ despite originally thinking that it was the Pred which had caused me to pile on the pounds ~ that it might actually have been the Arcoxia. I didn’t lose an ounce after cutting out Pred and watching what I ate, but as soon as I dropped Arcoxia, that half-stone seemingly dropped off too… Fingers crossed!


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