I’ll try anything once

At my last appointment with the specialist RA nurse, I was thrilled (and surprised!) to learn that according to my most recent blood test earlier this month, my inflammation markers are now within the ‘normal’ range! Still having problems with my right hand particularly, but WOOHOO!

Not entirely sure what accounts for this spectacular development as I’ve been trying a few ‘alternative’ treatments in addition to my regular meds ~ I mentioned Flexiseq in my last post, and I’m still faithfully using that every night when I go to bed, along with (extremely groovy) compression gloves. I’ve been reading about people who’ve had amazing results with arthritis by drinking a combination of cider vinegar and honey in hot water every day, so I’ve been giving that a go too (half a teaspoon of Manuka 10+ honey and three teaspoons of organic cider vinegar in a mug of hot water at least 2-3 times a day) and can report that it actually tastes lovely, a bit like hot cider.

I also alternate between two additional supplements at night: hemp seed oil and Jointace capsules, plus a Vit D tablet every other day too. Pred is down to 2mg/day and will go down to 1.5mg/day from next week, another big WOOHOO.

Another signficant change is that back in April, the nurse swopped my weekly Methotrexate dose from tablets to a self-administered injection. The dosage is the same (25mg) but apparently, the Metoject is more effective in getting the full dose into the bloodstream. So maybe that’s helped.

Meanwhile, the hot flushes are currently in hyper mode (was up 4-5 times last night feeling like my skin was on fire AND I was burning up from the inside!) so sleeping is a real chore ~ gave up this morning at 5:40am. Oddest thing about that is looking at my watch hours later and realising it’s barely 9am but I feel like I’ve done a full day’s work already ha ha.