Counting blessings

Cut down to 4mg daily Pred for the whole of last week, and 3.5mg this week. Right hand has turned into painful, gnarled claw hand, and my shoulders are killing me. Amusingly, what I thought all this time was a creaky staircase here at home turns out to be creaky knees, fizzing and popping gently with every step up. I guess I didn’t realise because oddly (and thankfully), there has been no accompanying pain. Not for going upstairs; coming downstairs is a different story.

But on the upside, learning to be ambidextrous has cheered me up, as I am surprisingly okay with using my left hand where my right hand won’t do any more ~ mostly for household chores, though. Trying to do up jeans or my bra, or to put on socks or boots with a mostly useless right arm/hand is a bizarre, frustrating experience, but my helplessness often makes me burst out laughing, still.

BUT: still mobile, still able to do pretty much everything I need to do, new ‘puter glasses making working at the ‘puter a joy, stiff cracky neck but am used to the level of discomfort now so it doesn’t really bother me, a care package sent by my mum all the way from Malaysia included a wonderful selection of Brahim’s curry pastes (yum), my girls are lovely, the cats are bonkers, Mr Chan cheers me up, Christmas is on the way and we’re moving into our ‘new’ house next week 🙂


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