Burning the candle at both ends

Update from latest blood test and visit to doctor: am recovering nicely from the cough & cold I’ve had for the last 10 days or so (yay!) but the inflammation markers from my blood test have leapt sky-high into the ‘red zone’ again. Doc reckons it was because the blood test was done while I was still quite sick, so she has said not to worry for the time being ~ especially as I haven’t had any major joint problems. So my daily steroid dose will stay the same (we had been slowly reducing it) for the moment, and we’ll see what happens with my next blood test in about 3 weeks’ time.

We moved into our house just about two weeks ago, but it feels oddly like we’ve been here forever. We’re not sure why that is, but I like to think it’s a good sign, that the house is so ‘us’ that it has felt instantly like home. The move itself went pretty smoothly (two men and their van turned up as arranged and because it took far less time to shift our stuff over, they gave us a 35% discount!) but I’m not sure how long it will actually take me to recover physically from it.

Apart from crushing fatigue, it is my hands which have been most affected; probably because there’s been so much unpacking, shifting things around and sorting out to do (and still not completely finished, either!). My right hand in particular feels like it has been electrocuted… burning pain, swelling, a weird and constant tingling, and a throbbing, hyper-sensitive index finger and thumb. The joint immediately below the index finger feels like a swollen, sore knot; you can’t really tell anything is amiss by looking at the top of my hand, but gently pressing my hand against a flat surface is quite a shock ~ that joint is actually as big as a marble on the palm-side.

Which means I’ve been getting lots of practise using my left hand instead… I managed to even slice mushrooms the other day without cutting off any of my fingers, so am well chuffed. AND I managed to wash and dry my hair again for the first time in about four days yesterday, when shoulders, arms and hands relented long enough for me to shampoo, rinse, brush and blow-dry before pretty much shutting down and sulking.

I’ve started taking hemp seed oil capsules as well as the collagen, glucosamine chondroitin and omega-3 super capsules (and all the regular daily meds) so hopefully that will have a positive overall effect. And I’ve even started eating fresh fruit more regularly… anyone who knows me will know what aberrant behaviour this is for me because I pretty much hate fruit. Vegetables I love. Fruit I can’t be @rsed with.

As I write this, on the eve of Christmas eve, the wind is howling outside, it is pitch black (and has been since 4pm, gotta love these Britisher winters) and raining. I have a million more things to do for work and home and Christmas and insurance paperwork and suchlike, but I am feeling at peace with the world.

Merry Christmas all, and all the best for a good 2014.


Counting blessings

Cut down to 4mg daily Pred for the whole of last week, and 3.5mg this week. Right hand has turned into painful, gnarled claw hand, and my shoulders are killing me. Amusingly, what I thought all this time was a creaky staircase here at home turns out to be creaky knees, fizzing and popping gently with every step up. I guess I didn’t realise because oddly (and thankfully), there has been no accompanying pain. Not for going upstairs; coming downstairs is a different story.

But on the upside, learning to be ambidextrous has cheered me up, as I am surprisingly okay with using my left hand where my right hand won’t do any more ~ mostly for household chores, though. Trying to do up jeans or my bra, or to put on socks or boots with a mostly useless right arm/hand is a bizarre, frustrating experience, but my helplessness often makes me burst out laughing, still.

BUT: still mobile, still able to do pretty much everything I need to do, new ‘puter glasses making working at the ‘puter a joy, stiff cracky neck but am used to the level of discomfort now so it doesn’t really bother me, a care package sent by my mum all the way from Malaysia included a wonderful selection of Brahim’s curry pastes (yum), my girls are lovely, the cats are bonkers, Mr Chan cheers me up, Christmas is on the way and we’re moving into our ‘new’ house next week 🙂