The more things change

Right: seeing as there seem to be quite a few people who haven’t caught up with my momentous life changes, I thought I’d attempt a handy cut-out-and-keep version:

  • YES I have left HK, after 27 weird and wonderful years there
  • YES I am now living in Norfolk, in a tiny village outside Norwich
  • YES I am still working for Perspective magazine (woot!)
  • YES I am now a published author *still stunned*
  • NO I am not JK Rowling-rich (nor will this book make me JK Rowling-rich; not enough wizards in it)
  • YES My book is available from Amazon
  • YES It is only a digital/e-version and will not appear in print (as yet, but who knows, eh)
  • YES I have a second one in the works and almost completed
  • YES I have a third one in the works and far from completion

Other notes of import: my girls are with me, my cats are with me, I am renting a HOUSE which has A GARDEN and FOUR BEDROOMS for about 50% of what I was paying in HK for a shoebox of barely 500 sq ft.

In short: my new life is totally and utterly, delightfully discombobulating. Which is posh for “most of the time I don’t know if I’m coming or going, but I’m okay with that”.