Brick wall

Today, I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck, the exhaustion is in my bones. I want nothing more than to get back into bed and sleep, but I have so much to do that it is making my stomach feel sick. Or maybe that’s the meds. Anyway. Today, I will let others speak my words and my thoughts. Starting with a very handy ‘Idiot’s Guide to RA‘.

Now, I know people mean well, but you’re not me. You cannot know what it feels like for me. Even if you have RA yourself, you’re still not me. So please stop treating me like it’s all in my head. I may look fine, I may act fine, but until the day you wake up and you’re me, you will have no idea what it takes just to get on with a normal day. And a ‘normal’ day changes every day.

In a way, having RA is not that different to being pregnant, because people do love telling you what to do (at least with RA, people don’t immediately reach out to touch my belly; TFFT).

I’ll end with a quote from the ‘To tell the truth…’ article linked above:

I am not lazy or lethargic. I am not stupid, unmotivated, or whiny. I have the real RA which fights my athletic desires. And I fight back like a warrior. And always doing the best that I can is who I really am. And, by the way, if you ever see me sitting on a sofa with my feet on a pillow, I am still doing the same thing: I am doing the best that I can do. But, you can bet I’d rather be swimming.


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