Divine intervention, or something like it… maybe

So today, Friday, 12th October, is World Arthritis Day… those of us who can still get up and dance will; those of us who can’t will just sit by and applaud. Or not, because sometimes, RA won’t let you. I don’t know how I feel about having a ‘day’ for arthritis, because those of us who have some variation of it have it every day. I also kind of resent feeling obliged to mark it with an obligatory blog post (and yet, here I am) or C&P’d Facebook status update etc.

Yes, I do understand the value in such things to raise awareness. And I’m probably just feeling particularly curmudgeonly (tick that off my “get the word ‘curmudgeonly’ legitimately into a sentence” bucket list) today. Probably because I had to make yet another tedious trek up to the hosp for yet another tedious blood test and there is a distinct undercurrent of fear about seeing my rheumy on Tuesday (will my blood pressure still be high? will my RA/anti-CCP/ESR rates be okay? how’s my liver doing or is that f*cked now, too? and so on).

So I was well on my way to letting it all get on top of me (my lower lip was distinctly starting to tremble). Then, it was like being warmed by a ray of golden sunshine and the laughter of small children when I glanced up and noticed the ID badge my lab technician was wearing: last name = Lee. First name = Heaven.

So, thank you, Mr Lee. You’ll never know what a difference you made to my day.


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