In the same week as I get a bunch of sucky letters from Bupa informing me that my annual limit for items such as blood tests has already been “exhausted” and I therefore owe them HK$4,000 and rising; the same week as I get stuck in a newly-replaced lift at the office for over an hour with a security guard who is convinced he can magically fix things from the inside by frantically hammering at every single button with both hands; and the same week as some scum-sucking, pond-dwelling, bottom-feeding mofo jacks my iPhone from a closed, zipped pocket on the front of my handbag, I find out that there are such things as “RA nodules”.

Nodules? NODULES?? Now, nodules?!? Wth.

In other news, Izzy passed her Wilton cake-decorating course with flying colours today; for her final test, she made a cake, iced it and then decorated it to demonstrate her mastery of the techniques she’d learned, including writing. After dithering between ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Congratulations’, she wrote ‘Mum’. Now that’s a warm, fuzzy feeling 🙂


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