I want to say something witty about molehills, mountains & Mohammed

I’m sure there’s a really good joke in there but right now, I’m so tired I could fall over. I’ve been in England since the beginning of the month to settle down my daughter before she starts at London College of Fashion in October, and so far, it’s been a really good trip… exhausting, stressful, but with lots of laughs and lots of amazing friends. All of them have, in a heartbeat, said they will look out for her and “be there” for her if ever she needs anything; it made me proud, it made me relieved, it made me want to cry to know I have such wonderful people in my life.

The meds have been (so far and touch wood) working well, although I have recently begun to have the occasional grinding knees and swollen fingers/feet, I think because it’s been a particularly strenuous few days rushing around and carrying heavy bags up four flights of stairs to my daughter’s uni accommodation.

But even with all that, it has struck me how much happier and calmer I have been in general (admittedly, not being constantly in physical agony surely has something to do with it ha ha). As a silly project, I started taking a photo of myself every morning since the beginning of the year; maybe I knew subconsciously back then that big changes lay ahead. What strikes me with each new photo is how old and how tired I look. But one which I took just a couple days ago… my face is different. I seem ‘lighter’, less weighed down.


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