So excite!

I got a call from the nurse at the hosp yesterday afternoon, telling me they had the results of my blood test… I was a wee bit surprised, considering I’d just spoken to the specialist at length about them earlier in the day, but hey ho, whatevs, I thought, maybe they missed something out. Then she starts reading off a list of things — housedust mites, cats, dogs, crabs (the edible kind from the ocean) — and I twigged that she was talking about the allergy tests I’d requested. Oddest thing was that they had only taken the blood sample that same morning, so to have the results by 3pm probably meant it had been a slow day in the lab.

So, it turns out that as well as the usual suspects, I am now also allergic to oranges and melons. Eh?

But then she said something was without question the one piece of good news I’d had from the entire medical profession in the last two months: I am no longer allergic to fish.

Tonight, for the first time in about 12 years, I made my cheat’s laksa with about 5kg of fishballs of various shapes, sizes, colours and textures. That first bite was… orgasmic. Think of how good that first sip of chilled Cornish Rattler tastes on a blazingly hot summer’s day in England. Or when you cave in on that impossible no-carbs diet and have a KitKat. Or when you step into the shower and wash off the sweat and grime of another exhausting day.

Tomorrow night, it’s haddock & chips for tea. Can’t wait 🙂


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