How quickly we can forget

I’ve been on steroid medication for the last five days; a short-term course to help me get through the time I’ll be in London with Jaz in early September… I’ll be a fat lot of use if I couldn’t even get up out of my seat after the flight over.

The ‘roids have had the amazing, almost immediate effect of eliminating about 80% of the pain. So much so that I have to constantly remind myself that they haven’t actually cured anything and that once the course ends… I’m back where I was six days ago. But how lovely it is to be able to stand up and sit down without my knees screaming, to get into bed and lie flat on my back and realise that as long as I keep quite still, nothing hurts…

But then I’ll wake up at 2am with one or both of my shoulders in spasm, my fingers bloated and my hands curled up with cramp and pain… This morning it was an interesting new one: the ends of my toes, those final joints, throbbing and sensitive to the touch. It’s a good reminder to myself that I’ve still got a ways to go — but I’m on my way 🙂


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