But first

Dancing Madly Sideways is actually the title of a song by Marcella Detroit (the other half of Shakespear’s Sister), still one of my favourite songs of all time, more than 10 years later. I couldn’t tell you the lyrics (except maybe for the lines “I’m just thinking, wishful thinking, where’s this going”… and “I’ll be living in my submariii-iiiiiiiine”) but it has one of the best intros ever: it takes you a while to figure out what’s going on, but in my head, it’s the sounds of a hot summer’s afternoon in England… birds twittering in the garden… someone’s doing the washing up (for some reason, it’s a woman in an old-fashioned dress and pinny, like the film Land of Hope & Glory), bees are lazily buzzing… a pause, then slowly, the opening notes of the song infiltrate, then Marcella’s voice (so controlled, so pure) fills your ears. Lovely.


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